Discussion Director Pg 86-109
  1. What would you do if you were in Tessa’s position right now? Why?
  2. Do you think Zoe is in trouble getting with Scott Why?
  3. What do you think Tessa’s dad is feeling about Tessa’s not interacting and feeling sick?before i dieeee.PNG
  4. What do you think Tessa’s biggest mistake Tessa has made? Why?
  5. What would you want to do if you were diagnosed with cancer? What would be on your list?

I think the book compares to us in the real world with the fact that she struggles with her illness there is a lot of it around.
The young girl (Zoey) is pregnant and doesn’t really want to keep the baby. There is a lot of young people pregnant because they didn’t use protection or weren’t educated.
I think if I was dying personally I would do some of the same thing as she did like, driving and stealing.
If I was sick I would be like Tessa in wanting to be alone and not wanting to be a burden.

Literary Luminary. Pg 1-69
I picked this word becasue the passage it was in was very discriptive and the words really stood out to me. Smouldering: Slow Low temperature, flameless form of combustion sustained by the heat. When oxygen attacks the surface of a condensed phase fuel.
I picked this word becasue it is a word that stands out to me while i was reading. The word means something to me personally to.Optimism: Hopefulness and confidence about the future of the successful outcome of something?
I choose these two words because again the paragraph kept me interested with the discriptions. Jostling: Push Elbow or bump roughly typically in a crowd.
Heaving: Lift or haul with great effort.

I picked this word because this word was something i read and wasnt sure what it meant.Raucously: Roughly, sounding harsh.
Words and Images of things I believe the text will relate to.
Young Girl is dying
She has a list of things she wants to die 10 things.
Young love
16 year old girl

Artist. Pg. 223

She is enjoying spending time with her mum as when she abounded her she couldn’t understand why.
Adam has put Tessa’s name into the hill for her as she comes home from hospital
Tessa try’s to get her mum to tell her about when she left and why she wants to Adam to move in.
Tessa gets told she has more cancer in her blood
She wants to make love once more before she dies and she does.

rest in peace.PNG

Text Response- Before I Die.
Written by: Jenny Downham
Before I die written by Jenny Downham is a very emotional and touching story. There are many different characters mentioned throughout the story, some are more important than others, though each play a vital role in the story. The most important character in the story being Tessa, A 16 year old girl that is dying of cancer. Though some of the other main characters are Zoey (her best friend), Cal (her little brother), Adam (Her boyfriend that appears later on the in the story) and last but not least Tessa’s mum and dad. A common setting thorough the book is the hospital, as she is very ill. Though the story line tends to move around taking you to all different places. The story has many conflicts and issues that come up many times in the text. It allows you to feel the conflict she faces every day. It really had me thinking about what I would want to do if it was me in Tessa’s position. Dying. Along with the ten things on my list would consist of.
One of the themes that sparked my interest was that of the pain and conflict. Tessa’s pain is something that Downham describes to the reader on Nemours occasions in the text. I believe it was done purposefully to allow the reader to relate and feel the pain and confusion that Tessa battles every day. Conflict however I believe Downham made out that Tessa wanted to bring on herself to just to experience life before tragedy strikes. The use of flash forwards and other times backwards takes the reader on the guessing train leaving them to work out for themselves and be a little more involved in the story. All this adds to the sense of conflict and the confusion as the actions Tessa takes to complete her list are daring and a normally a little crazy. The numerous jumps in the story line highlights the way here life has become crazy and out of control. It exposes the conflict and battle she fights every day.
Downham uses many literary devices during the text. The main one that stands out to me is that of the many flash forwards and backwards. These are used many times in the text to enhance the readers enjoyment One example of this is mentioned at the end of chapter 3 and the start of chapter 4. In chapter 3 Zoey is talking to Tessa about boys the text reads “Hurrah!! She grabs my hand, steers me back to the door of the club “now text your dad and tell him your saying at mine, and let’s get a move on’ . Chapter 4 begins stating. Don’t you like beer? Jake says. He leans against the sink in the kitchen and I’m standing to close to him”. As you can see this can be jumpy and quiet confusing for the reader as you can become quiet disorientated about how or what has happened in-between. Though I think this may have been done purposefully to allow the reader to fill in the story line from what they have gathered from other parts of the text. Another good device that Downham uses is the poetic verses she uses in the last few chapters before Tessa dies. One that stood out to me was that that read “aeroplanes crash into buildings. Bodies sail through the air tube trains and buses explode. A few short chapters later it is written “Six serviettes folded into origami lilies, sevens stones all different colours bound with a silver chain” She seems to be in a very dreamy in and out state. It allows the reader an easy let down to the fact that it is unfortunately is going to happen Tessa is going to die.
There are a few main events that play a large role throughout the text. One main one that stood out to me was when Tessa was told her cancer was worse than they first thought that it had progressed. This started the events that led to her tragic ending. This was a very emotional event in the story. Another rather confronting issue was when the reader found out that Zoey was pregnant. Zoey was scared and was thinking of having to terminate the baby. Though with some convincing from Tessa and her dad she chooses to keep the baby. The tragic part about all this is Tessa never got to meet Zoey little baby. The most scariest one of them all was when Tessa finally died. I felt very touched as I felt as though I had been her best friend as I read about the realities and hardships she faced. Though she did manage to get through her list.. Well the important parts of it.
The whole story is told from many different peoples perspectives. Personally I found that throughout the story I was touched and that when I read on I realised exactly what she did some things may not seem important until they are missing from your life. She is dying and that Is the harsh but devastating reality. There are 10 major things she wants to live life before she dies. Things like have sex, which was number 1 on her list to other things like take drugs, break the law to things like saying yes to everything for a full day. Though she finds that what truly matters no matter what is Family.
Before I die is a very emotional and touching story. There are a lot of things that she does that personally I don’t think I would want to do. Like taking drugs I think it will be a little over the top. One of the main things I think other readers will discover while reading this text is that Downham has a very interesting way to involve and keep the reader intrigued. I really enjoyed the text as I felt emotionally connected though it was through a book. Though sometimes I became lost at chapter ending and beginnings, I thoroughly enjoyed this text. I think Before I Die Is a good text for anyone looking for a touching and heart grabbing story.
Written by Natasha year 9

Extension Task – Before I Die

Experiences and Feelings.
Before I die written by Jenny Downham has many strong points. Some of the main points are that of friendship, feelings and conflicts she is battling. A 16 year old girl is dying from cancer. She has a list of the 10 major things she wants to do or achieve before something happens.
Tessa has faced many setbacks throughout her life. She wanted to experience life before it was there no longer.