Hope Don't Call Me Ismael is reading well - Look forward to your notes James and Jack.

Book Title: Dont call me Ishmeal

Song lyrics based on this story:
This sickness is breaking me
No I can’t be free

They say it’s just me
They say I’m insane
This Ishmael disease
Is rotting my brain
Sooooooooooo (guitar fill behind it)
Don’t call me Ishmael
Dude what the hell
(massive kick in)
Its Ishmael lesuar syndrome
Im afraid that it I won’t leave me alone
It runs in my blood line
Until I get the flat line
You pick up phone and say “hello”
I go “ive got lesuar syndrome”
“Nice to know”

“We are singing about a book we hardly read”
“Quiet man”
Yeah its lesuar syndrome
Jack: “dude”
Stop the track
James: “what is your problem?”
Jack: “the book was about a kid winging about his name”
James: “he had a disease”
Jack: “he had a Moby dick name that he hated”
James: “fine”
He had a Moby dick name
He was named after the captane
(music stops)
Jack: “hang on, hang on”
James: “WHAT”
Jack: “its captain not captane, captain Ishmael”
James: “don’t call me Ishmael”
(door closes)
Jack: “well we shouldn’t have attempted this”