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Discussion director: By Myr0002
Come up with 5 open ended questions about the section of text you have just read. Pp. 1-17
  1. Which uncle helped Anh with his speech for class captain?
  2. What did Uncle eight use to get the old motor to work again?
  3. Who saves Anh and his family out at sea?
  4. Who has a crush in Anh when they were playing spin the bottle?
  5. What animals are on Anh’s family’s farm?

Connector: By Myr0002
In 4 sentences that use connecting words, explain connections that you can see between the sections of text you have just read and the real world. Pp. 77-94
Text to text:
  • Another book that I have read that has similar connections to this book is the magic thief lost. It is about a boy that get exiled from his town and he does all that he can to get back to his hometown. Anh’s family did their best to get out of Vietnam and to go to a better place. They escaped from their country and came to Australia to live a better life.
Text to self:
  • A similar thing that has happened to Anh that also happens to me I that both of our parents want us to do well at school. I have really strict parents when it comes to school and so does Anh.
Text to world:
  • There are many people that want to leave their own countries because of how bad it is. Families want to leave their countries to go to a better place to live. Anh’s family is one of those families because they left Vietnam to come to Australia. The living in Australia is much better and they love it here.

Artist: By Myr0002
Choose 5 events that take place, in the section of text you have just read, that you think could be illustrated in some way. List your choices in chronological order. Pp. 1-77
  1. Anh’s family leaving Vietnam on their boat
  2. Anh’s family buying bargains when they first arrive in Australia, it felt like Christmas to them.
  3. The kids from the Do family enrol in their first school in Australia.
  4. Anh’s family make a business in making and sewing clothes together.
  5. Anh’s dad and brother ‘three’ have a fight that changes everything forever.

Literary luminary: By Myr0002
Select 4 special passages from this section of your reading. You might select a passage because it is; Humorous, well written, important, surprising, thought-provoking, informative, confusing, controversial or other. Pp. 57-77
  • Passage 1: Pg – 69, from ‘one’ to ‘scene’.
  • Passage 2: Pg – 70, from ‘uncle’ to ‘him’.
  • Passage 3: Pg – 75, from ‘mum’ to ‘cuffs’.
  • Passage 4: Pg – 76, from ‘then’ to ‘there’.
Record 5 words from your selected passages and look up and write down their definitions.
  • Pg. 59 – Impulsive: Actuated or swayed by emotional or involuntary impulses.
  • Pg. 61 – Scrounging: To gather together be forging; seek out.
  • Pg. 63 – Paternal: Characteristic or benefitting a father.
  • Pg. 64 – Insomnia: Inability to obtain sufficient sleep.
  • Pg. 65 – Hindsight: Recognition of the realities, possibilities or requirements of a situation.

book review

By Myr0002

Spoiler: If you read this if may spoil the book for you

The book I am reading is called The Happiest Refugee, by Anh Do. This book is an autobiography and its about Anh's life. Some of the characters in this book is Suzie (Anh's Wife), Tam (Anh's dad), Hein (Anh's mum) and all of his nine uncles.

This book is about a kid and his family that lived in Vietnam and they were living a poor life. They wanted to leave Vietnam because of how poor the living was over there and they wanted to live a better life. Anh’s parents didn’t want their kids growing up in an environment like that so they decided to get on a boat and travel to somewhere that would be the best place for the family to say. It wasn’t an easy task, they had to try and leave without getting caught but Anh’s dad was very smart and he was the driver of the boat. He got them most of the way out but just as they were heading out into open sea they got seen and were getting chased. They were going as fast as they could but they were catching up, and then all of a sudden they gave up and turned around. While they were out there they had to face pirates trying to take all of their things on the boat, they took most of the things that they needed but Anh’s family hid the valuables. Then they saw a ship, it was a German ship that rescued them and they were on their way to Australia.

When they arrived in Australia everyone loved it. The first thing they did in Australia was go to an op shop to buy clothes for everyone. They were all amazed by how cheap things were and they bought heaps of clothes. It was like Christmas for the Do family. The family thought it was the best thing they have ever done when they left Vietnam.

Everyone was so happy to be living in Australia, the kids went to their first school in Australia and the adults found jobs for themselves. After a while, Anh’s mum started to do sewing for a job, then the whole family got into sewing and they made a business out of it. They were making more money than they ever had before and they bought a huge shed to live in. The business was going good and Anh’s dads and his brothers wanted to all put in money for a farm. They bought a farm and then went to auctions to get animals for the farm. They bought heaps of ducks and before they knew it they had thousands of ducks. They also bought different animals just to keep as pets aswell. One day they needed food for the ducks and there was a guy on the side of the road selling cheap food. It was too good of an offer to pass up and they bought heaps of it. The next day after they fed them they went to the farm where the ducks are and there was thousands of ducks lying dead. After that they didn’t worry about buying anymore ducks.

Soon after that, Anh’s dad and one of his brothers had a massive fight and his dad left the house for a few days. When he came back he was drinking heavily and he was being very aggressive towards everyone and Anh hot hit a few times by him. One day Anh had enough of his dad and he punched him in the side of the head. His dad walked off shocked.
Later on, Anh was going to university and he met a few girls, but there was one girl that he really liked and he tried to impress her. She was in the same law class as him in university but the only reason he stayed in the class what to see Suzie. He really hated the class, he liked doing art. Soon he built up the nerve to ask her to go somewhere with her. He asked her if she wanted to go get some ice cream with him. She did, and they had some ice cream together and just had a talk. They started doing things together more often and Anh knew that she liked him, so he asked if she wanted to go out with him. She said yes, and not long after they had been going out Anh asked if she wanted to marry him. She said yes she does and they hugged it out on the beach where he had asked her.

When it was time for the wedding Anh’s family got prepared with the Vietnam tradition, they brought a metre long pig for the feast and Suzie’s family had an excellent range of fancy foods. The two families got along like they had known each other for years and Anh was happy that the two families could do that. Anh’s family thought Suzie was a lovely girl and they really liked her.
Anh has got a good job doing gigs at clubs and restaurants, but he has started to travel places and when Suzie doesn’t have work she joins him on a trip to where he needs to go. Suzie is a lawyer but she doesn’t like it at all, she has so much work to do and Anh told her she can quit the job and do something that she likes. She said no, it’s too much money to walk away from. It took Anh a while to convince her and she finally gave up and said that she will quit. She got a job that involved doing art and she loved it. It made Anh happy to know that she enjoyed the job she was doing, he didn’t care about the money he just wanted his wife to be happy.

Anh is a very caring person and Suzie means everything to him, he wants the best for him and his family. He has three children and he works as hard as he can to give them everything and that’s the reason he does all the gigs, so he can supply for his family. He not only helps Suzie and his kids but he also helps his mum. He bought her a house so she didn’t have to rent of other people and keep paying money, because she was already struggling for money. His brother and sister moved into that house aswell.
Anh and his family are so glad they got out of Vietnam and come to Australia. It was the best thing they have ever done and the don’t regret moving here. It is a much better lifestyle over here and despite all of the drama that has happened to their family over here, it was a good choice to leave Vietnam.

Overall I think this is a very good book. There is a few things Anh could do better. One of the things that could be improved in this book is to say more of Anh's jokes that he says at his gigs. It would make the book funny if he said his jokes, because as a comedian, people expect to hear a lot more jokes and funny things. Things that are done well in this book is the story, it is very interesting to hear what has happened in Anh's life because people don't know what refugees go through. He has had a bad life up until he started going to university and doing comedy. I would recommend reading this book for any teenagers or adults because it is really good book and I rate this book a 4 out of 5.

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Discussion Director: Mui0005
Come up with 5 open-ended questions about the section of the text you have just read:
  1. What do you think might happen?
  2. How did you fell when Anh’s Family gets robbed?
  3. Who will be affected by this event?
  4. What is your favourite part?

Connector: By MUI0005
In four sentences that use connecting words, explain connections that you can see between the section of text you have just read and the real world:
Another book I have read is about a town that buys a boat to make their life better. This book relates to the happiest refugee because a family buys a boat to make their life’s better.
Anh is a refugee and there is a big part of news on refugees at the moment.
I relate to this story because Anh wasn’t a good public speaker and I wasn’t a good public speaker either.

Artist: By MUI0005
Choose five events that take place, in the section of text you have just read, that you think could be illustrated in some way. List your choices in chronological order. Pp.: 20-27
  1. Anh’s family gets robbed by pirates and pirates take their engine.
  2. The family finds a spare engine then fixes it get moving again.
  3. Anh’s family gets robbed for the second time and takes their spare engine.
  4. A German ship rescues the family.
  5. Anh arrives in Australia with his family.

Literary Luminary: By MUI0005
Passage 1: Pg. 24, from (one by one) to (saved our lives)
I think that this was an important part of the story because it told the story of how such little things can save your life,
Passage 2: Pg. 48, from (the following) to (Anh Do)
I think that this part was well written because it told explained how he won the award and what it was for.
Passage 3: Pg. 52, from (he got Khoa) to (the road again)
This section was surprising because I didn’t know how resourceful he was and to come up with an idea like that was surprising.
Passage 4: Pg. 53, from (the farm) to (time spent)
This section was surprising because of how the brothers made a lot of money of a lot of different things.
Book Review
Warning this review may spoil the book for some readers.
On the seventh of October I started reading the book “The Happiest Refugee”. The book is about the life of Comedian Anh Do and how his family have moved to Australia to give Anh and his brother a better opportunity in life. I have enjoyed reading this book and I was surprised about how the content in the book doesn’t have a lot of humour. Normally Do would use humour whenever he can but with this book he has taken it very seriously. I enjoyed the way he has explained every detail into his childhood and his schooling.
I think this is a well written book and has been written exactly the way that Do would have told it. I was surprised that he remembered so much from his childhood and wasn’t afraid to talk about the tough times that he faced during his childhood and then transitioning to the good times which made the book so much more enjoyable to read.
Something I disliked about the book is Do’s family would be doing well and suddenly loses it all. In one case the family make it past the coast guard and then gets robbed by pirates. I disliked this bit because it was sad and it took so long to get past that particular part in the story.
I really enjoy reading this book and can’t wait to finish the book. This book is a well-rounded book with a bit of humour, sadness and everything about Anh Do. I recommend this book for 13 and over the reason I recommend it for this age because Younger children would not be able to understand the humour and might not be able to understand the feeling that this book can give you. Overall I rate this book 8.5 out of ten I enjoyed it a lot and think it is a well written book.
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Book Crew Reflection By MUI0005
The text I read was The Happiest Refugee. It was written by Anh Do. This book is an autobiography that explains the life of Anh do and all of the hardships that had occurred during his lifetime. The book started off In Vietnam where his family make the decision to leave Vietnam and go and find a better life somewhere else. Anhs family buy a boat and sail out onto the ocean. They were out at sea for a while until a few troubles occurred but eventually they made it to Australia. In Australia the life of Anh started to improve. The family started making money and sent Anh to a private school. Anhs education was really good which lead to him going to university then he became a comedian. He got married and had three kids.
When Anhs family reaches Australia they began a business in sewing and eventually became very successful. They made a fair amount of money which made their lives a lot better. They could afford to buy clothes and good food. It was all going well until they decided that the sewing business was too hard. They sold the business and bought a farm where they sold ducks. The business was going well for a while until Anhs dad bought some dodgy feed which killed all of their ducks. It was a huge loss for the family so they sold the farm.
Anhs dad became an alcoholic and ended up being kicked out of the house. Anh was at school when his dad left. Anh’s Mum was struggling to pay for things so Anh ended up with clothes that were too small for him

Discussion Director: By ale0001 come up with 5 open ended questions about the section of the text you have just read. Pp. 24-37
1 What did Uncle Eight use to get the old motor to work again?
2 What were Anh and his family attack by at sea?
3 What was the name of the kid that Anh got into a fight with?
4 What was around Grandma Neck before Uncle Eight put it in his mouth?
5 What rescued Anh and his family from sea?

Book Review
The book i am reading is called the happiest refugee by Anh do. In this book Anh Do and his family get on a small boat to have a better life. On thier trip they run into some troubles but they finnaly reached Australia. When they arrived at Australia Anh's Mum and Dad thought that Australia was a great country and had so many oppurtunities. Ahn Went to school with his younger brother and really enjoyed it. Anh and his family lived in a small farm where they bred ducks and they owned and golden pheasent.