Artist by asl0005 pp. (15-30)


Discussion director by asl0005 pp. (1-15) 1. What’s the main characters name?

2.What’s the cricket team’s name?

3.Do you think Joan can join the team?

4.Did you feel excited when Joan tried to join the team?

5.Would YOU let a girl join YOUR cricket team?

Connector by asl0005 pp. (5-10)
At school when we were playing down ball 2 girls came and wanted join us but we did not let them.

Literary luminary by asl0005 1. Gnawed: to bite or chew on. 2. Siblings: a brother or sister 3. Jostled: to drive or force by 4. Bribe: to influence or corrupt or bribe. 5. Persuaded: to prevail on a person

Literary luminary by asl0005

1. ' That's the little beggar that's been into my scones this week.' said mum. ' and the biscuits, too, I bet. '
2. ' Beauty, ' said tom. ' Now, get yourselves cleaned up and into the kitchen - Mum's about to serve the stew.
3. ' I'm not going ' on the dole, ' said dad, arms crossed. I've never taken a handout in me life, and I'm not about to start now. '
4. Mum looked down at Fungus, who was staring intently at tom's bowl of stew. ' Well, there's no room for him at auntie Kath's. And you know how your grandparents feel about dogs... '

wordle by asl0005

Bulging: A rounded projection, bend or protruding part.

Gazed: To look steadily and intently, as with great curiosity.
Warped: To bend or twist out of shape

especially from a straight or a flat form.

Coast: To land next to the sea, seashore.

Glance: To look quickly.
Pouncing: To swoop down suddenly and grasp.

Bribe: To give or promise.
Teetered: To move unsteadily.
Trams: British, a street car.
Snuck: A past particle and simple past tense sneak.