Our digital show case by Aden, Cliff and Matt

Disussion Director by WHI0040
How did you feel when John walks up to Mark on the second day?
What do you think will happen if Mark fights John?
Do you think that Mark will give John his phone back?
Do you think that Sam knows about John`s real life and his big lie?
Do you think that Mr Harris cares that Mark has got John`s phone or that the school wins the football final?

Discussion director
Pp: Whole Book
By Aden
What are the enemy’s hunting John and Henri called?

Who is Henri?

What is Sarah’s hobby?

What is John’s legacy?

When John had his first day of school in Ohio what happened?

Connector Task by WHI0040

Pg. 100-144

I have read a book like this one that is about a boy that is running from the local police with two CIA agents so that they can find a plutonium bomb that is going to blow up an old nuclear submarine in New York City. Another book that I have read that is like this book is one where a young boy in Shelby, Michigan finds an alien race that is trying to take over earth but the only way to save earth is use the is buried in a case that only his aunt has. Unfortunately that she lost a few years back.

Literary Luminary by WHI0040
Pg. 316-328
Find four passages from the book that you have just read and record them below.

Passage 1: Pg. 316, from "it’ll be fine here" I say.Henri lifts the shotgun and pumps it once,looks at Sarah and Mark. "This is not your fight" he tells them. "I don't know what to expect out there, but if this goes badly you guys get back in this school and stay hidden. They aren't after you, and i don't think they'll care to come looking if they already have us".
I picked this passage because it show the the Lorican's are not ready to give up on the fight.

Passage 2: Pg. 316-317 from "so we’re just going to go outside and try to out run them all" Sarah asks. Her voice is full of panic and fear. She's breathing heavily. " it's our only choice if we want to lose them" says Henri.
This passage shows that Sarah loves John and is not going to let him go for the world.

Passage 3: Pg. 327 from "for your friends sake and ours we better get the hell out of this school while there's still time" says Six. they'll desroy the entire building trying to get us".
This passage shows the state of the situation and that the Loricans are in get trouble and they may not live though the fight.

Passage 4: Pg. 328 from "well that wasn't to so bad" says Herni and before i can respond, the entire wall along the stage is smashed in by the fist of a beast.
This passage shows that the Mogadorians are not going to give up without a fight.

Find one word from each passage and look up the meaning in a dictionary.

Entire: Everything, from start to finish.
Sake: For someone’s interest or benefit.
Respond: To reply or take notice of something.
Panic: A sudden feeling of fear that happens in an instant.

i am number 4

Discussion Director, pages 1 to 20. By Jef0054

  1. What is John Smith’s guardian’s name?
  2. What is the population of Ohio?
  3. What is John Smith’s real name?
  4. Where was he when the third scar?
  5. Who are the enemy/hunters?

Connector, pages 20 to 40. By Jef0054

In I Am Number Four the author Pittacus Lore writes about the worries of starting at a new school with the stress of fitting in and to find out whom the bullies are so you can stay away from them and to find some friends that you can trust. This is an experience that people go through in real life.

Artist, pages 1 to 50.By Jef0054

  1. The number four Loric symbol
  2. What number four looks like
  3. What Henri looks like
  4. What the Mogadorians look like
  5. What does the house in Ohio look like

Artist by Whi0040
Pg 250-300

Choose 5 events that take place in the section that you have just read.

  1. What does Herni and John’s dog Bernie Kosar look like?
  2. What does John’s school look like?
  3. What do the Mogadorians look like?
  4. What does number six look like when she enters the school?
  5. What does Herni look like when he is loading the shotgun?

By WHI0040

Book review for I Am Number Four

The book I Am Number Four written by Pittacus Lore, published by Penguin Books and released in 2010.I am number four is a book that is based around a group of aliens that have to leave their home planet because of the Mogadorians (a violent race of other aliens that kill for fun) destroying it. The aliens land on earth and go their own ways and then the story skips ten years ahead to the life of the fourth of the Loricans where he is moving to Paradise, Ohio because the Mogadorians are closing in to kill them. The Mogadorians are only allowed to kill the Loricans in a certain order because if they kill one that is not next in line they will die out and break the Loric charm.

The main characters are Number four or best known as John Smith, Four’s Cépan (guardian) Henri, Sam; a kid that is just crazy about aliens, Sarah; John’s girlfriend, Bernie Kosar; Four’s dog from their home planet and the Mogadorians; a race of alien that are trying to take over the earth.

I rate this book as a good book because it is aimed at the teenage group and perfectly presents its self. The book delivers the story perfectly by skipping back and forward in time. I would recommend this book to teenagers who are into sci-fi and action books. There are some very good parts like were the big fight happen in the woods where something big happens, conversely there are bad parts like were Sam tries to shoot John out the front of his house. This book was most likely written because the author had a dream about a race of aliens that tried to take over the earth but another race of aliens saves the earth by fighting while everyone is dying.

My final rating for this book is 7 out of a possible 10.

This is John's guadian Henri he looks after him until life came be resotred on Lorien.
This is John's guadian Henri he looks after him until life came be resotred on Lorien.


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This is John Smith one of the nine Loricans
This is John Smith one of the nine Loricans