Saving Zoë by Alyson noel
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Words and images of things I believe the text will relate to

FamilyFriendsSchool/home lifeBoyfriendsEx’sFutureHappinessPainSadnesstrouble

Discussion director

Come up with 5 open-ended questions about the section of the text you have just read

Pp 24-68
1. What were your feelings when you heard that Zoë had died
2. What do you think of Teresa, Sean, tom and Jason
3. Do you think Zoë’s life settled down before she died
4. Why do you think Marc had Zoë’s diary instead of Zoë’s family
5. Why do you think echo didn’t want her parents to know she has Zoë’s diary
6. Why do you think echo wasn’t surprised about half the things she read in Zoë’s diary

In 4 sentences that use connecting words, explain connections that you can see between the section of text you have just read and the real world
Pp whole book
Text to text
  • Another book you’ve read or a text by the same author
Text to self
  • A similar event or experience in your life
Text to world
  • A place or time
  • A person or problem
  • Something that happened at home or school

My book connects to my girl 1 and 2 movies because vada had a best friend named Thomas who acted like her bother until he died from a bee sting in the 1st movie. In the 2nd movie vada was missing Thomas and started to grieve but she had heaps of people who cared for her and Thomas family. These relates to saving Zoë because echo had heaps of people who cared for her and her family when Zoë died and echo and her family where grieving heaps over Zoë’s deaf. it also relates to the article how to talk to someone who has lost a child, from someone who’s been there because the parents had trouble talking to people and people had trouble talking to them because they were grieving from losing a loved one.

Choose 5 events that take place, in the section of text you have read, that you think could be illustrated in some way. List your choice in chronological order.
Pp whole book
1. When the cops come to the door to break the news of Zoë’s deaf
2. Echo at school sitting with her friends at the table or walking the halls images9CZW7I58.jpgfvbrfe.png
3. Zoe and her boyfriend feeding the ducks at the park

4. Echo reading Zoë’s diary

5. Echo in the same car as Zoë’s ex-boyfriend and Zoë in the carvbn.pngbnm,.png
6. Zoe climbing down the big oak tree in echo’s room


7. Echo and her friend at the drug dealers house and found the tape.


Literary luminary

Select at 3 special passages from this section of the reading. You might select a passage because it is- humorous, well written, important, surprising, thought-provoking, informative, confusing, controversial or other.

Pp 1-141

Passage 1 pg- 199 dead smacking wrong.
This is love.
Marc is love.
Me + Marc = love.
I choose this passage because its eye catching.
Passage 2 pg- 141 oh never mind. It’s just Abby and Janay. Guess they’re having a sleepover or something. Anyway I’m wearing my favourite cobalt blue dress because I think it looks dressy- but not to dressy. You know, cuz I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard. Because according to vogue magazine, trying to hard (or at least looking like you’re trying to hard) is a fashion sin numero uno. And since his mom can actually afford to buy the clothes they show in vogue, I figure she could spot a striver over a mile away.
Okay, this time it really is Marc, so I’m outta here!
But first, let me stay-
No matter how bad Marc thinks tonight is going to be- I’m totally psyched to be going!!!!
I choose this passage because it’s well written and controversial.
Passage 3 pg- 1-2
They say there are 5 stages of grief:
1. Denial

Up until last year I didn’t know there were lists like that. I had no idea people actually kept track of these things. But still, even if I had known, I never would’ve guessed that just a few days before my fourteenth birthday I’d be stuck in stage one.

But then you think that kind of bad news will knock on your door. Because those kinds of stories, the kind that involve a stone-faced newscaster interrupting your favourite TV show to report a crucial place of “late breaking news” are always about someone else’s unfortunate family. They’re never supposed to be about yours.

But what made it even worse is that I was the first to know

Well, after the cops.

And, of course, Zoë.

Not to mention the freak who was responsible for the whole mess in the first place

I choose this passage because it’s well written and very informative.

Passage 4 pg- 81-82

Because of that I’ve decided to take a vow of mental celibacy. That’s right. No more thinking about, or even talking about guys.

Any guys.

Because they’re all the same.

They all suck.

June 30

Still calibrate.

Still hate boys (with the expectation of dad-well, most of the time).

Extremely tan though

Choose this passage because well written and thought-provoking.

Record 5 words from your selected passages and look up and write down their definitions

Psyched- Prepare yourself psychologically for something

Love- Feel love for a person or thing. Great liking or affection

Celibate- Remaining unmarried especially for religious reasons

Dreaming- Having a dream or dreams. Think something might happen, something people see when there sleeping

Mental- Of or in the mind. Person’s mental ability or attitude.


The book saving Zoë is written by Alyson noel. In February 2011 saving Zoë was published by st Martin’s griffin’s edition.

When 15 year old echo’s older sister Zoë get brutality murdered, her parents go numb, her friends move on, all why echo is still grieving. With an awkward start to her freshman year echo soon realised she can’t live her sister’s memory until marc Zoë’s former boyfriend hands her Zoë’s diary.
Echo wasn’t interested at first because she believed she knew everything that was in the diary but when she started to reading it she realised Zoë had a secret life she didn’t know about. Echo had to uncover the truth of her of her sister’s life to rebuild her own. What will echo find out about Zoë that will make you want to know more.

I liked saving Zoë because it’s a type of book I enjoy reading. Saving Zoë is a type of book that grabs you in within the first few pages.

I enjoyed reading all pages of saving Zoë especially the parts that where touching. I also enjoyed the parts relates to me and the parts that made you feel like you were on the rough journey with them. I didn’t like the part of the book where Zoë die so early.

I would recommend this book to girls in their teenage years to mid-30. This book is not for younger kids because it would be too confusing for them.
I think Alyson noel wrote this book to show how it feels when you lose a loved one so early when they didn’t deserve to die and that’s its ok to grieve over there loss. It also shows that there are still people out there that care about you and the loved ones you have lost. Saving Zoë also shows how a teenage girl gets through her struggles to find herself.

I believe Alyson Noels opinion of saving Zoë is to never take advantage of your loved ones and appreciate the time you have with them because you never know when you’re going to lose them. Her opinion also involves life is to short so have fun and never under estimate what you do. I agree heaps with her opinion because it’s one of my life mottos.

Saving Zoë does not compare to any other books because it’s not like any book I have read and it’s a book that’s in a field of its own.
I would rate saving Zoë a 4 out of 5 stars because it a great book but not the best book I have read.

Saving zoe by Aylson Noel book trailer on PhotoPeach

Sister love/relationship
The death of Zoë shocked the town
But mainly shocked her sister echo
All echo could do was think about it
Echo put her life on hold to uncover Zoë’s life
But soon realised she could never become Zoë
Echo finally got back to her own life
Only then she realised Zoë was gone forever.

Sister bond
Echo and Zoë had a great bond
Up until Zoë’s death
Echo put her life on hold
To uncover Zoë’s secret life she didn’t know about
When echo toke the journey
She found out stuff she wouldn’t have guessed
She found out about her sex life and drug taking
She tried living Zoë’s life
Until she realised she wasn’t Zoë
So she continued on with her own life