Book review: taking the chequered flag!

Title: taking the chequered flag.
Author: Michael pankridge & Pam Harvey.
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Publisher: HarperCollins.
Publication date: 1/5/10.

Chasing the chequered flag is a book that is written about 3 brothers and their three friends Hannah, Gabby, and Jack Who are all into motorbike riding, the boys are always trying to beat each other!
The storyline in the book at the start is based on brother rivalry but is then accompanied by a twist in the middle which really throws a spanner in the works. It comes to a matter of who knows what and keeps the reader suspended throughout the book start to end!
My opinion on the book is that it is probably a book to read only if you’re interested in motorsports or competitiveness and mystery. The start was good but just kept building, overall I think the book was really well written seeing the author had got ideas and realness from a motorbike racer himself and he says the book was brilliant and realistic. I don’t think that if I myself was a writer that I would change the book much at all. Overall I really like it.
Whilst reading the book I liked the intense motorbike riding in it and how it uses motorcycle related words throughout the book and also how E.D can keep his old bike up with all the new ones without spending thousands.
Would I recommend this book to other people, yes I would for sure but like I say I’d only recommend it to those who don’t read much books and are into motorbike riding and that sort of stuff because if you read a lot of books it probably would seem boring as you can judge them compared to others. All in all it is a ripper book for those who want to read a mad book.
I reckon that the author wrote this book to get the message across that dirt bike racing can be dangerous and that you really need to be focused to make it all the way to the final championship series and how everything can change without any notice. Also that if you know something you shouldn’t always inform the police or keep your mouth shut I didn’t know which one he was trying to inform the reader to do.
I can’t really compare this book to others as I really don’t read books, but I really did enjoy this book but I don’t reckon theirs much books that could compare because I couldn’t find any other books that where really related to the same type of book as this one.
If this book had a age range I would probably have to say none cause you could be 50 and like motorbike riding but your still going to read this book cause it’s what you’re interested in so I don’t think you can really put an appropriate age range on it.


Q1. What did you think when Hannah and gabby where trapped in the tunnel room?
Q2. How would you feel if you were ed during most of the book?
Q3. What do you think would happen if Teagan didn’t tell ed to go left in the graveyard?
Q4. What would you do if you were tony and saw the smuggling happen


Q5. If you were gabby would you like tony or ed better?

Whilst reading this book I felt as if though I was ed, because I have two brothers and we are all into motorbikes. I’m the mechanically minded and I loved my bike like Ed but haven’t raced much.

Book word definitions

Claustrophobia: an irrational fear of confined spaces.
Raucous: making a loud harsh noise.
Smuggle: moving goods across borders illegally.
Vaguely: uncertain or unclear
Hesitation: the act of pausing