This book: Wish You Were Dead was published in 2009, and is written by Todd Strasser.
An anonymous blogger started to say that he/she wishes that the popular girl, Lucy, would just die. But the next day Lucy is gone no one knows what happen to her .everyone starts to get worried and frightened. But everyone starts to blame Madison the last person to see her that night: the girl who told them to drive off all ready before they saw her get in the house. later on in the book we start to see this blog pop up and the names on the list vanish like crazy Madison starts to get notes were she is told she will be next she need to find out what's going on but no one can help not even the boy she likes because he is dream but she thinks he is not sharing more than he knows. Can she find out who is doing this in time before she is gone too? But what they didn't know that the teacher Ms. Skilling had everything to do with these. She planed it all from the beginning.
I kinda didn’t like it, I’ve read it to many times and I’ve grown sick of it, but when I first read it I thought it was an amazing book, and it is like a thriller/mysterious book, and I would read it again in a few years.
I liked the first part but then the book just gets boring and the excitement leaved and the lines get duller but towards the end it gets much better, and also when the mystery becomes clear and it uncovers and everything becomes more interesting.
I think in the middle of the book wasn’t the best, im not sure why I just didn’t like it as much as the other parts, I think its just dull and needs to be more exciting.
I recon I’ll say its for the teen years to late 20’s for the mystery but not any younger because it might be a little confusing and they wouldn’t know what’s happing, the teens would like it for sure, most likely the teens that are interested in a mysterious book.
I think the author wrote it for people to read this book when they have nothing to do, or its for a book you read when your traveling or waiting for something or someone.
If I had too, ill rate it about 3 out of 5 because it took me a while to read it the first time and it after a while it gets boring.

Wish you were dead.

Todd Strasser


  1. What does Maddison look like
  2. Brainstorming od everything
  3. Grail form what she walked in
  4. Sailing what she did with her father
  5. What Maddison’s father looks like