MSC Book Crews


'This book's gonna be a good book...'

1. Yr 9 Text choice BALLOT.doc by mscenglish

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1. Begin reading your text and design your notes booklet cover -

2. Name your crew and present your members What will your voki look like and say about your text?

3. As a team, read, develop notes in your booklets, type good copies in your wikispace, share and reflect.

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In conjunction with insideadog, your crew needs to create a digital showcase for your text. Tasks in red are compulsory. Build your wiki crew page by completing the following activities:

Create a book trailer:
Cast the movie:
Compose a song or compile a soundtrack:
Glogster/Fakebook character analysis:
Text trivia quiz:
Wordle Glossary:
Insideadog Review:
Blog it – Insideadog book group

Creative Writing Piece:
- Diary
- Script
- Poem
- Etc
Present a visual representation of your text
- Consequence chart
- Character tree
- Text topic brainstorm
- Illustration and caption
- Etc
Free Choice activity: You could do this activity -

Free Choice Activity:
Oral presentation:

  • Create a booktrailer: Using PhotoPeach, combine images, video, writing and music to advertise your book. Feature commentary on the plot but don't give the story away. Your trailer shouldn't be a spoiler. E.g.,

9_Eng_book_crew_trailer_eg.png Photpeach_youtube.png

  • Cast the movie: Using Windows Movie Maker or PhotoPeach , create a slideshow that shows which actors you think would best portray the characters in your text. E.g.,

Hunger Games Movie Cast from Kyle Hicks on Vimeo.

  • Compose a single: Write and produce a song that is inspired by your text. Design the CD cover and insert for your single. Explain how your song relates to your text.

  • Character Analysis: Use Glogster and/or Fakebook to present insightful information about the characters in your text. Include things like; descriptions, likes and dislikes, quotes, relationship analyses, events in their lives, visuals, music, etc.

  • Use wordle to highlight 8-10 unfamiliar or interesting words from your text. Look up the dictionary meanings and present a glossary of these words beneath the wordle.


  • Visit the Inside A Dog website to find a scaffold for writing a review of your text. Upload it there and on your wiki page. Your review needs to include: the title of the text, who the author is, what the text is about, the best thing about the text, what you don't like about the text, and any other recommendations or thoughts you have. It also needs to have a star rating. This activity is compulsory and each group member must complete their own review.

  • Creative writing: an alternative ending, an interview with a character, a series of poems inspired by the text, a script for a key scene, a character's diary entries, etc. Choose a form of writing you enjoy and go for it. Plan and draft up to good copy presentation.
  • Author biography: Who is the creative master behind the text you have read? Find out about them and present their biography - in your own words.

  • Create a trivia quiz based on your text. Aim for a minimum of 10 questions. You need to prepare an answer sheet to accompany your questions.

Quiz generator.PNG

  • Blog it: Demonstrate your communication expertise by joining our Insideadog book group and presenting 3 or more blog posts. The posts can be work that you have already completed for the wiki and want to show off or explanations of your thoughts about your text. You can discuss character likes and dislikes, the writing style of the author, how you would change the story, how topics and events in the text can relate to the real world, etc.

  • 'The sky's the limit - or not?' Complete an activity completely of your making. It could be a diorama, a collage, a character showbag, a text response essay, anything you like. You could also visit the Cool Tools For School or Getting Tricky with Wikis sites and discover a new web 2.0 tool to use to develop a response.

  • Oral presentation: Each group will present a minimum 5 minute digital showcase to the class. During the showcase the group will talk about their text and activties they have completed for the assignment. Each member of the group will need to outline their review ratings and aspects they liked or disliked about the text. This activity is compulsory.

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Complete a hard copy learning log at the end of each assignment session. Use class time well and develop as many tasks as you can. Red tasks are compulsory for everyone to complete by the due date.


Will says it - reading, 'the key to life'. And running's good for you too!

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(Above or at the standard)
A/ B
(At or near the standard)
C/ D
(Working toward the standard)
D/ E
Not Shown
# Text title/ Author identified
# All notetaking and group discussion work completed
# Review written and presented on wiki for oral presentation
# 3+ non-compulsory tasks completed and presented on wiki for oral presentation
# Star rating
# Text title/Author identified
# Most notetaking and group discussion work completed
# Review written and presented for oral presentation (review is published on the wiki, paragraphed, 400-500 words in length)
# Some assignment tasks completed (ideal, minimum of 2 non-compulsory)
# Star rating
# Text title/Author identified
# Some notetaking and group discussion work undertaken
# Reading of some of the text/Read blurb for oral presentation
# Star rating
# Work not completed and/or presented
# Continual unco-operative and/or poor use of class time
# Numerous absences impacting on participation and completion of required learning


This assessment item is a SAC and will be completed in class under SAC conditions:

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If you complete your book crew studies early you could have a lot of fun developing an MSC book song. There are a number of songs already developed and available to use or you might like to develop one from scratch to one of your favourite tunes. For those studying media, this is also a fanatastic cross-curriculum activity. You might like to consider this task for one of your media projects. Flip cameras are available to loan if needed.