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1) Will Jane and Will Grayson become an item?
2) Are there 2 different Will Grayson’s?
3) Will Tiny’s musical go ahead?
4) Is Will Grayson in love with Isaac or are they just friends?
5) Is Will Grayson ever going to meet Isacc?


This book reminded me of another novel by John Green called Looking for Alaska because both books focus around a young boy and his circle of friends going through life. Will Grayson also reminds me of myself in some ways because he is not a very outgoing person and neither am I.


1) Will Grayson and Will Grayson meet for the first time.

both will graysons].jpg

2) When Tiny meets Will Grayson’s mum.

wills mum.jpg

3) When Will Grayson and Tiny are on the swing

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4) When Will Grayson is with Jane kissing in the rain.

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5) When Tiny is on stage for his musical.
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Passage 1: Page 47

I am shelving Metamucil in aisle 7 when Maura stalks in. She knows my boss is an asshole about me standing around and talking while im working. So she pretends to look at vitamins while shes talking to me. Shes telling theres something really disturbing about the word ‘chewable’ and then all of a sudden the clock strikes at 5:12 and she figures it’s time to ask personal questions.

Maura: Are you gay?

Me: What the

Maura: It would be okay with me if you were.

Me: Oh good because the thing Id be worried about the most is whether you were okay with it.

Maura: Im just saying.

Me: Noted now will you just shut up and let me work, okay? Or do you want me to use my employee discount to get you something for your cramps?

I selected this passage of my book because I found it leads to something bigger in the book Maura knows Will Grayson (2) is gay because she is basically his online boyfriend.

Passage 2: Page 88-89

Maura: I am Isaac, will.

Me: Don’t be stupid he’s a guy.

Maura: No he’s not. He’s a profile. I made him up.

Me: Yeah right.

Maura: I did.

no no no no no no no no no no

Me: What?

No please no what no no please no no NO

Maura: Isaac doesn’t exist. He’s never existed.

Me: Your caught.

IM so caught????

What the

Me: Tell me you’re joking.


Me: This can’t be happening.

Other Will Grayson’s finished his conversation and is looking at me now.

O.W.G: Are you okay?

Its hitting that moment of ‘did an anvil really just fall on my head ?’ has passed and im feeling that anvil. Oh lord am I feeling that anvil.

I found the passage interesting because Will Grayson (2) has just found out his been caught his friend knows his gay and he doesn’t know how to react.

Passage 3: Page 171

That day after school Jane’s at my house, sitting across a scrabble board from me. I spell hallow which is a great word but also opens up a triple-word-score for her. “ Oh my god, I love you,” She says, it must close enough to true, because if shed said that a week before I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, and now it hangsin the air forever until she finally bursts the awkwardness by saying. “ That would be a weird thing to say to someone you just started dating! “Boy howdy is that awkward!”. After a moment of silence she keeps going. “Hey, to extend the weird are we dating?”

And the word turns my stomach a little and I say, “Can we be not not-dating?”

She smiles and spells cowed for thirty-six points. It’s absolutely amazing , the whole thing. Her shoulder blades are amazing. Her passionately ironic love for 1980’s television drama is amazing. The way she laughs at my jokes really loudly is amazing- all of which only makes it more amazing that she doesn’t fill the tiny hole left by his absence.

I thought this passage was important because its when Jane and Will Grayson decide they actually want to be an item.

Incompetent- Not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully.

Pathetic- Arousing pity especially through vulnerable or sadness.

Salutation- Is a greeting used in a letter or other written/ non written communication.

Exclamation- A sudden cry or remark expressing surprise strong emotion or pain.

Will Grayson WIll Grayson Book review

Will Grayson Will Grayson is a novel written by John Green and David Levithan and published by Dutton Juvenile in April 6 2010. The genre for this book is teen fiction.
Will Grayson Will Grayson is about 2 teenage boys both with the name Will Grayson. The 2 boy both aren’t that popular at their own schools. Fate brings them together in an adult book/ movie of all places. One Will Grayson is there to meet his online boyfriend and one is there because his friends ditched him for a concert. The Will’s get talking and their lives are brought together.
Will Grayson Will Grayson is a really good book it deals with a lot of issues that teens might be facing. It’s also very easy to relate to whether you relate to the bigger issue or the little issues that each character goes through. Even the little quirks that each character has can be relatable.
I only have one criticism and that is that in the start of the book it is quite confusing trying to figure that there actually 2 Will Grayson’s not 1. I was very confused and didn’t know why one Will Grayson would do one thing and then contradict themselves by doing another. It could have been a little less confusing by explaining that there was two Will Grayson’s at the start of the book. Some people may of not continued to read the book if they were so confused. Some people may have even gotten ¾ of the way through without realising there were actually 2 Will Graysons.
I would recommend this book for people that have read novels like ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘Looking for Alaska’ both books by John Green. I also think this book is similar to both ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘Looking for Alaska’.
I think the authors wrote this book for teens aged between 13-18 because the book has some more mature language and mature themes. But those themes are still things that more mature teens may be dealing with.
I would give this book a star rating of 7/10 because I really enjoyed it. The only thing that let it down would be as said before the confusion at the start about there being 2 Will Graysons. To conclude this book is a great book that could be relatable to lots of young teens around the world.
By SMI0074.




Will Grayson (2)
Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
Well tonight I found out Isaac, the boy I thought I might be falling for isn’t real and is actually Maura of all people MAURA. I told Isaac everything! I should have seen the signs she would always ask me if I was gay or if I liked boys but the thing is she knew the whole time she lied to me! She told me as Isaac to meet her at a porn shop which I did think was really strange when I walked in. Although I did meet another kid called Will Grayson he seems cool, awkward but cool. I just can’t get over how Maura could do something like that. If she liked me she should have just told me even though I may not have had feelings for her but she could have caused me so much less pain and heartbreak. Isaac seemed like the perfect boy for me and he was someone distant someone away from my life who just kind of got me. At least I thought he was and I thought he did. But he turned into a she. Maura tried apologizing but that’s just not going to cut it. She can’t just mess with peoples life’s and think an apology is going to cut it. Some people are just horrid and that’s all I have to say.

Casting the movie.

tiny cooper.jpg

Tiny Cooper: Daniel Franzese

will gray.jpg
Will Grayson (1): Evan Peters

willy 2.jpg

Will Grayson (2): Logan Lerman


Jane Turner : Sophie Turner


Maura: Victoria Justice